Unique processing Facility.

Demanding expertise.

Involved in the Production and Marketing of pistachios since 1989, THEPISTACHIOCO. facility represents the achievement of 30 years of experience worldwide.

With food safety and quality control as the backbone of its production philosophy, THEPISTACHIOCO. has built a unique facility that has reached the highest standard of production worldwide.

“Diversity of varieties, qualities and sizes is the answer to individual brand distinction and identity against the monotony of the mass supply of a uniform product”
Our Story

Denis Ketabi, founder of THEPISTACHIOCO. started in the trade of pistachio at the end of the 1980’s. As he could not find any source of supply to satisfy the growing demand for quantity and quality for this exceptional nut, Denis strategy was to reach upstream towards the processing and production worldwide.

His experience as Chairman of the dried fruit and nuts industry in France, along with his leading role as representative of the EU industry vis-à-vis the EU commission, forged his understanding of food safety as the spine of the pistachio industry.

Denis designed and built several processing facilities before designing his own, which is by far the largest and most modern processing facility outside USA.

“We have achieved full traceability on pistachios for the first time in the industry”
Denis KETABI CEO – Plant Design

100% Traceable