THEPISTACHIOCO. has developed and implemented unique production tools to process,

  • Raw inshell pistachios, naturally and mechanically opened
  • Traditional roasted and flavored pistachios
  • Raw pistachio kernels
  • Green pealed pistachio kernels

Contaminent Free

Fresh & Healthy

100% Traceable

Naturally Tree Opened Inshell pistachios “NTO”


1- Naturally Tree Opened Inshell pistachios “NTO”

Naturally Open In-Shell Pistachios: Naturally split on the tree, with a kernel content of 52 to 55%, this product is used purely as a snack, raw or roasted salted and flavored in the shell. Open in-shell pistachios are mostly exported as raw dried, in bulk. Raw dried pistachios have a two year shelf life, if stored in relatively dry conditions.

Mechanically Opened Inshell pistachios – “MO”


Mechanically Opened Inshell pistachios – “MO”

Mechanically Opened pistachio are produced from the closed shell pistachios which missed some maturity to split naturally on the tree.  Our technology allows us to mechanically opened along the suture of the nut to look similar or near similar to the naturally open pistachios. The difference with naturally open pistachios is a lower kernel weight to in-shell ratio (kernel content). Our MOs have a kernel content of 47-50% which is roughly equal to the naturally opened ones from the main producing origin such as USA. MOs are used as snacks for hard discount markets.


Raw Pistachio Kernels “RPK”

Raw pistachio kernel production consists in shelling closed pistachio, mature or immature, depending if kernel external appearance or kernel internal color is targeted. Our process includes latest laser and optic technologies to eliminate any risk of natural contaminants and any foreign material.

Kernels are used mainly in snack, confectionary, backing, ice cream  and home backing, and as ingredient in other food industries.

green kernel of pistachio company


Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels “GPPK”

Green pistachios are voluntarily harvested earlier to assure a bright green kernel internal color.

The early harvest causes reduced yield per hectare which is the main reason for their higher value, but allow its unique dark or bright green color in comparison with any other nut. The higher fat content emphasizes also their flavor for high quality confectionary, pastry and ice-cream industry.

GPPK are peeled  (shell and skin are removed) allowing its natural and unique bright green color to appear. The product is graded by color using electronic equipment within a 4 different grades of greens.

With our food safety measures and aflatoxin protocol, and using the most advanced electronic technologies available, we have resolved food safety issues on any origin entering into our facility

Denis Ketabi