Denis Ketabi , President

Our goals are simple, even though rarely implemented throughout our industry: 

- Produce and export from our own certified facilities, the safest pistachios, control quality and deliver consistent product, at competitive prices. 

- Sale and market Pistachios from other origins, from partners using equivalent quality and food safety standards as ours.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best experience and satisfaction. The foundation of our company culture is QUALITY CONTROL, STRICTEST FOOD SAFETY and SERVICE EXCELLENCE.
We work daily towards offering the finest and healthiest RAW IN-SHELL PISTACHIOS and PISTACHIO KERNELS available to all types of consumers.
We serve and support our local farmers in protecting and improving their environment to grow the highest quality pistachios.
Our processing equipment responds to the latest technologies available, to ensure reliable quality control and strict compliance with a constantly evolving food safety framework.
We support team member’s excellence and happiness for the most reactive and satisfying service to be provided to our customers.
Thanks to our international background, we operate in full compliance with all international laws and regulations.


SORTEX A5 ColorVision™
SORTEX A5 ColorVision™
The SORTEX A ColorVision™ delivers extraordinary efficiency in optical sorting. The sorter uses up to 3 visible wavelengths, which allows for excellent colour detection.
Their sorting accuracy gives the best yield and efficiency of any optical sorting system even at very high production capacities , Multiple Camera Power , Shape Recognition ,
 Visys Spyder® Laser Sorter
Visys Spyder® Laser Sorter
The Spyder® Digital Laser Sorter offers you an uncompromised combined sorting experience for detection and ejection of foreign material, EVM and defects based on color, structure, shape and size differences.

Our Product

Leader in production of Pistachios

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