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Leader in the production of pistachio in the Middle East and southern Europe, THEPISTACHIOCO manages a 14,000m2 facility, equipped with the latest technologies in respect to production, food safety and traceability.

With over 30,000 tons capacity, THEPISTACHIOCO is the largest processing plant outside of USA.

Our goal : Sustainable quality, food safety

Productions consist in

  • Raw Inshell pistachios up to 120 tons daily, with 6 individual lines of each 20 tons per day/shift capacity. One line using in line laser and optics for higher standards
  • Raw Pistachio Kernel “RPK”, up to 5,000Kg daily/shift, sorted by laser and electronic optics, low foreign material, free from aflatoxin
  • Green Peeled Pistachio Kernel “GPPK”, up to 2,000Kg per day per shift, sorted in 4 grades of greens using Buhler Sortex A5, allowing minimum hand contact and very low bacteriological standards
The Pistachio Co

Our Experience

With over 30 years of production experience and deliveries to highest standard markets worldwide, we have developed our own internal production, food safety and aflatoxin protocols which has demonstrated its efficiency in respect to sustainable quality and reliable food safety.

In respect to lower price markets, we have refused blending of low qualities into our products as we consider this behavior as disrespectful to the product and the consumer. We have therefore developed our unique process for mechanically industrial opened pistachios “MO” which maintains and assure good kernel quality.

Our facility can process the best qualities down to lower priced qualities, but without compromising food safety assuring respect to the final consumer.

Processed with Care

“The pistachio nut, despite being protected by its shell or being roasted at high temperatures, remains a food item and deserves no less care than any other food, such as dairy products, in respect to quality control and food safety.”

Denis Ketabi

C.E.O of The Pistachio Co

Denis KETABI CEO – Plant Design

Denis Ketabi

CEO – Sales - Plant Design

Homa Kadbi

Homa Kadbi


Efi tsakali

R&D – Audit consultant

Ahmed Ebrahimi

Quality - Food Safety


Nancy Skilodimou

Office manager

Vahid Ostovar

IT - Control system

Surendra PEIRIS

Surendra Peiris

Public Relation Officer

Konstantinos Pantis



Lea Manulat

Operations- Execution